Photo by  Dave Bingham

Photo by Dave Bingham

Ben Alleman is a keyboardist born and raised in South Louisiana, now residing in Nashville, Tennessee. Ben is a founding member of the music collective Pet Fangs.

Ben records all kinds of instruments and effects from his studio in Tennessee working with different musicians to create unique sounds for their project. He’s had the privilege of making music with Don Was, Grace Potter, Dr. John, Karen Elson, Betty Who, Marc Broussard, Jamie Lidell, Sean McConnell, Andrew Duhon, Robert Finley, Better Than Ezra, Kevin Griffin, Motel Radio, Cape Weather, The Prescriptions, and more.

TV Appearances:

Ellen / Jimmy Fallon / Stephen Colbert / Conan O'Brien / James Corden / Jimmy Kimmel

Selected live performances:

  • Grace Potter @ Cowboy Stadium supporting The Rolling Stones

  • Ruby Amanfu @ The Ryman Auditorium supporting John Prine

  • Jamie Lidell @ Prospect Park Brooklyn

35mm photo by  Nathan Rocky

35mm photo by Nathan Rocky


1958 Hammond B3 / Leslie, Wurlitzer 200, Mellotron 4000d, Crumar Orchestrator, Roland JX3P / PG200, Roland RS09, Nord Lead 2x, Nord Electro 3, Upright Piano, Accordion, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul, Fender J-Bass, 70's MIJ drumkit, Fender Princeton Reverb, Roland Jazz Chorus 77.

Numerous stompboxes, cassette multitrack recorders, Tascam console & reel to reel, drum machines, small amps, and more.